Wednesday, July 30, 2008

the poetry in meÜand the b*tchiness..

my cousin asked me the other night to make him a five-line poem about sun--an English homework..i wasn't at my poetic mood that time but left with no choice, i hurriedly squeezed my maniac brains of its poetic juices even if there isn't any--that time and ever since..
i scanned some teacher's magazines hoping to stumble upon some works that would give me the slightest ideas..i also reread some harry potter books hoping that some installments may have included dumbledore giving harry some opinionated facts about father sun..but to my concluded disappointments--there wasn't any..
so, i freely let my mind drift to the sky and thought of anything about the sun that could be jotted down--there is a lot of course but phrasing it and making it sound as a poem is the difficult part..

after some time of thinking, i came at last to my latest masterpiece.


your brightness as you rise offers warmth and laughter

not just for me but for everything else that matters

and the happiness doesn't end as you set,

rather, promises a better tomorrow as we rest.

sun, dear sun, you're one wonderful gift to everyone.

...its basically everything but art and poetic..lolz..
i wonder if my cousin passed it on...
i'm no good in writing poems and never dreamed of being a poet..i could be a novelist and a writer but never that stuff..


---been here--crushed to pieces--but who says you would never be complete again..

"in every girl with a broken heart, there's always a boy with a glue gun"

--the bullshit(forgive my bad mouth)thing would be when someone still wants you to feel you're being a loser..
>>>and so to you!!!
you're the're still the damn can't even stand a profile view..i'm into someone's arms and yet you're still at his shadow..pity, he's not the type to be stalked at and you're not the type to be turned back to..i wish you the happiness..lolz!!Ü


i'm doing a research paper on Philippine Alternative and Renewable Energy Laws..and i'm kinda having a hard time on it..since i've been out of school for months now and my present job doesn't tackle on energy, i couldn't think of anything to add to this..the search engines are also bit of conservative and don't give me exactly what i friends are buzzing me at ym..

lotsa stuffs to finish..and almost time to bed..

lotsa love..



Hamono said...

Yeah, I kinda clicked this site.

I couldn’t help but notice kasi eh… I’m a bit O.C. and I noticed these:

***you rise
***you set

Hehe, I hope you didn’t take any offense with these… have fun!


vanvan said... bout that..
edited it nah..

Anonymous said...

cute <3 i like it! :)