Wednesday, December 31, 2008


a new year is about to begin..and what exactly should i feel..nakakatakot, sa totoo lang..i am a bias believer of the so-called yearly predictions..pero sabi nga, nasa DIOS ang awa, nasa tao ang, kanya-kanyang diskarte na lamang etech..di hamak naman akong LA RASA VALIENTE...but for my peace of mind and for my colleagues na rin..i researched my next year's prediction according to some chinese eto po iyon..

The Rabbit (1915, 1927, 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999) can look forward to a better in 2009 Year of the Ox because of the number of stars of relationships shining on him in the year of the Ox. After going through many changes like reunions, separations, heated arguments and changing jobs, things will be more stable and favorable for him.

The star of Harmony Yue De symbolizes excellent human relationships and it can turn dangers into opportunities. This means that the Rabbit will be having people around him taking good care of him and supporting all his needs. The star Sui He is a star that represents harmony between spouses. This star can also help the Rabbit get support from his supervisors and/or superiors as well as from elderly family members.

Two stars, Tao Hua and Xian Chi, which are stars of Love Luck are working together to make the Rabbit be more attractive and charming than ever before. For married Rabbits however, it is advised that they practice extreme caution and try hard to resist temptations. Because with the two stars shining on them, they might be overwhelmed by people who will show interest in them, no matter what their gender maybe, or else they might become involved in love triangles. These people will do anything just to please them. For Single Rabbits, it is a good year to pursue that love interest because there is a good chance that they will be accepted.

Lastly, the stars Xiao Hao and Si Fu are two stars that the Rabbit should be aware of and take extra caution with. Because Xia Hao represents minor financial loss, which could be brought about by the money spent in entertaining more friends and lovers. Si Fu on the other hand represents an elderly male family member who might suffer from health which should be given special attention to.

my xmas was not the one super inexpect kung maging.. i had a bad flu and cough and in uber yayay..i didn't complete my 9 mornings and add up that i wasn't able to attend the misa de gallo..kakabadtrip..sana lang maging super exciting ang batch reunion this 29th..

my banana and i will be turning two years this 28..kakaloka..ang tagal na namin pero super duper in love pa rin ako..lolz..but i got some nega hearsays about two-year would be in second year that shakes and troubles would come abound..hayz, pinipilit kung maging positive about kung hindi man, sana lang maging ready akong magblog about broken, ganon naman talaga ang buhay..

i checked my yahoomail just now and found out 256 new mails..well, they were just updates and regular digests from my BOB ONG Yahoo groups and some jobstreet alerts..and my first epostcard from BAMBITA--kakaloka ka Bambita, you never missed to amazed me in littlest way you can..and super touch ako ha..

and from

anyways, even if santa didn't come..siguro eh, naligaw..i had the merriest of christmas and hopefully the happiest of new year..

i still don't have my final list for upcoming year's resolution..cguro more love..more fun..less sin..

there were plans for tangub escapade sana but then things complicate people and people complicate things which ended up to nada as in zero escapade na lang.. we were planning to attack tangub city today december 26 but ninang bebot has their family reunion today and tomorrow and some wedding events to attend to at the 29 at 30 nalang, may duty kaya ako nun..ayoko kaya na hindi ako nasasali so patas patas ang lahat..walang tangub tour na magaganap..bleeeehhhh!

medyo napataas ang blog ko noh..feeling ko kasi..pang last entry ko ito ds para sulit sulit siya, sabihin ko na lahat ng gusto kung sabihin..hehehe..

i changed my layout..pangpreparation sa new pati sa fs..hindi naman xa totally changed kasi nagamit ko na yun at namiss ko bigla..buti nalang at nakita ko pa xa sa dinami dami ng new layouts..

"hindi ako suplada, di lang talaga ako interesado sayo"
--ganyan ang fs layouts ko..ang taray dbah..

ayan, at wala na tuloy akong masabi..

so pano..kitakits sa year 2009..sana ay sama sama parin tayo sa lakbay ng buhay..

marahil ay samot saring bagay ang naibahagi ng 2008 sa buhay buhay natin, pero kung ano man yon..mantakin mong nakatayo ka pa rin..chin up, chest out at stomach in..

kaya, wag kalimutang magpasalamat at magpakatatag..

2009, eto na kami!!!






habang pinapapak ko sa aking kaisipan ang librong hindi nagpatulog sa akin ng nakaraang magdamag naalala ko ang aking highschool teacher na si mrs. bordios at ang kaniyang mga maaalam at makwelang kwento. isa sa mga naging paborito ko ay ang kwentong "ang kalupi".

alam ko kukunti lamang ang nakakaalam sa kwentong ito at ayaw kong magdaldal. likas naman talaga sa atin ang hindi mahilig sa sariling atin. nyetang ang mga batang masyadong mahilig sa twilight ay hindi nakakapatong kamay sa noli me tangere at el filibusterismo. pero teka nga lang muna, ano naman ang kinalaman nito ke macarthur? si macarthur ay isang nakakabilib na aklat ng batikang bob ong. ang ikatlong katangi tanging lalaki sa buhay ko kasunod ni banana at piolo pascual. wag kang epal. mahal ko si piolo. pakialam ko kung bakla siya.

back to macarthur. eto na ang pinakapaborito kung aklat so far.

ang kwento ng mga sabog, ng mga kawatan, ng mga salot sa lipunan. kwento ng mga takot, mga mahihinang loob, ng mga nangangailangan ng kalinga. kwento ng mga walang swerte sa buhay, ng mga kakambal ng malas, ng mga sinuwerte man ay sinayang din. kwento ng mga ayaw magbago, gustong mgbago pero di magawa, gustong magbago pero di alam kung saan at paano magsisimula, gustong magbago at huli man at magaling ay nakakahabol din.

hindi ako sabog pero damang dama ko ang kwento. siguro dahil bawat isa sa atin ay sabog sa kanya kanyang isyus ng ating mga buhay buhay. o di kaya'y adik ako noong past life ko. kung nagkataon, ako na ang pinakacute na sabog. madalas ang mga ganitong kwento ang magpapamukha ng matinding realisasyon. na para bang binuhusan ka ng super duper lamig na tubig ngunit nag-aapoy ka naman sa pawis. hindi mo alam kung maaawa ka sa kanila o magagalit ngunit siguradong masasaktan ka.

di nga ba't problema talaga eto ng lipunan. pero ano bang magagawa ko kundi ang magdaldal at maki bob ong sa mga isyus na ganito..hay buhay..

makiquote na nga lang ke pareng bob...


dalawang dekada ka lang mag-aaral, pag di mo pagtitiyagaan, limang dekada ng kahirapan ang kapalit, sobrang lugi".

“Mga bata pa kayo. Pag pinaniwalaan naming kayong hindi kayo naglaro sa tubig kahit basang-basa ang mga damit ninyo, kayo ang niloloko namin. Hindi kayo ang nakakapanloko.”

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

so good i'm crying..

i deleted a post here because he said so..he didn't like the idea that i mentioned some other guys in //selowsow\\..we turned 21 months is a record..nyahaha..i beat his record, he beats mine...and we're happy..yahooo!!!!though di kami ngkasama..he celebrated the day with an exam..and i watched a.s.a.p for my dose of papa p /laugh=)..(^--^)cry..i remember the times we spent together..yea!whatever...

it is iligan's fiesta today...*sigh..wish i was there to celebrate..i miss mugna and the likes..haaaayyy..the end of ramadhan is fast approaching..i wonder what to expect..grrr...i'm a bit afraid, traveling spree would come to its halt..the holidays would be spent for more work..kakaloka..i'm fat..and i can't resist help me god...

month-end means hell...i'm gonna be doing monthly reports but i haven't had any single idea on how to make them...poor me..i hope i'll get through this fast...

---had always been vocal on the euphorias i had these past days, but darn it, i'm still alively kicking and eagerly waiting for some goddam plurks to come..i wish they'd come as fast as lightning and go as easy as a-b-c..

i'm dreaming a lot these days..

***i wish for a dog, and i'll name him COFFEE..

***a beach wedding..most probably along siquijor shores...

***twin kids--they'll be KENT and SAVANNAH..

***a book of my own..i'll have it "the ragged doll"...

***a night-out with msu batch 2004...

***a super night with ELLA--luv u!!!

***chowking again with JULIE and LUKEN..--i hope they remember the once..

it is better to be chained with friends than to be in a garden of strangers...

some thoughts to think about:

If money doesnt grow on trees, then why do banks have branches?
Why does a round pizza come in a square box?
Why doesnt glue stick to its bottle?
Why do you still call it building when its already built?
If its true that we are here to help others, then what are others here for?
If you arent supposed to drink&drive, why do bars have parking lots..

this is the most gasgas line of all time...but believe me..this helps.. laugh..

Saturday, September 20, 2008

i am >___<

cyberspacing where i should be tipping my pretty hands on that adding machine for the ledger balance~~the audit team will be here by monday and so i am spending the rest of my supposed to be "free time" doing the work think so i am workaholic, overused, tired, stressed and haggard???..well, you think right...there is this philosophy that promotions on government agencies matter on years of service but private companies on work performance..and so you know, i'm kicking off my own ass for that early promotion...<demonic lolz>..hahaha..of course not..

i miss the devils of studying..<demonic lolz again>..and procrastinating like theres no tomorrow..
..currently listening to david cook's billie jean..Billie jean is not my lover shes just a girl who claims that I am the one but the kid is not my son..>__< ..and what's with the man?? kelly clarkson was the ultimate american idol amongst those trying to be and yet david cook is about to get the throne---oh, ayt, he could be king and she could be queen...ayt!ayt!..i'm loving joe jonas♥ and piolo pascual♥..yeah ryt!!.. there's this bulletin at fs that tells of a free load from a site like ayrayt or whatevs..the step was so easy that it made me shiver down my just have to type in the number and afterwards the email address and the password of your e-add..i was done with that when they ask for the friendster account and didto ra daun ko nahikmata!!binuang to tanan..they could have hacked my accounts..stupid of me..they could have known the secrets of my secrets..good thing i was able to change my password before any hacking could have been done..i couldn't anyhows affirm that it was hacking chuchus but prevention is better than cure..hekhekhek...

..kaunting masaya..maraming hindi..kawawa naman ako..hindi pa talaga ako marunong magtagalog..i love speaking in bleeds me..*sigh..i am about to start fun moment in multiply and so i was tagging my friends with that parang survey but no one of them even dare make one..sabi pa ni luken..EI VAN. UNSAY TAG?...

..some hearts get broken..
and i had mine last night..wetwew!!nah, we haven't broke up..or anything~ ~we just text text ting couples of hours and then he slept without telling me.. that was around 9..ginerbyos ko kay basin naunsa xa..i kept making pa-ring his fone for two hours..and finally he woke up around 12..cge sori..but sadly, he just broke my heart...i know that was so mababaw..but sadly it pained my chest..and it flamed me..>___< keeping my cool now yet still in the healing process..>__<

..dahil kawawa ako ngayon..masyado akong sensitive..
i want a life..give me one!!

hay naku..buntung hininga..>_<

Monday, September 8, 2008

somewhere down yahoo mail

***to briefly explain the complications of the title--i got this from yahoo mail..thanks actually consider me as a friend..or is it???

anyways, anyhow..i've been obviously always blog
on how grateful i am with my friends..but i've never grown tired either..
that's definitely why people love to blog..because they could share a lot of good times, better times and best times with those they consider friends..ah oh---the fun never ceases to completely spells it..

--yeah, like you couldn't dare drag your mom when you want to stalk that oh-so-gwapo-boy-next-door somewhere there..
--who would listen to your mushy stories when you aren't allowed to get into romance yet..
--and bro and sissy would never peep in to class and let you have that algebra notes when exam sweats starts to flow in..

...that's probably what is
friendship is about..
when you want to be devilish, they could be your lucifer
and when you want to be that goody-goddam girl, they'd be niÑo..

***so back to my yahoo mail letter--
here it goes..


People come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime.
When you know which one it is, you will know what to do for that person.
When someone is in your life for a REASON, it is usually to meet a need you have expressed.
They have come to assist you through a difficulty, to provide you with guidance and support,
to aid you physically, emotionally or spiritually. They may seem like a godsend and they are
They are there for the reason you need them to be.
Then, without any wrongdoing on your part or at an inconvenient time,
this person will say or do something to bring the relationship to an end.
Sometimes they die. Sometimes they walk away.
Sometimes they act up and force you to take a stand.
What we must realize is that our need has been met, our desire fulfilled, their work is done.
The prayer you sent up has been answered and now it is time to move on.

Some people come into your life for a SEASON, because your
turn has come to share, grow or learn.
They bring you an experience of peace or make you laugh.
They may teach you something you have never done.
They usually give you an unbelievable amount of joy.
Believe it, it is real. But only for a season.

LIFETIME relationships teach you lifetime lessons, things you must build upon in order to have a solid emotional foundation.
Your job is to accept the lesson, love the person and put what you have learned to use in all other relationships and areas of your life.
It is said that love is blind but friendship is clairvoyant.

Thank you for being a part of my life, whether you were a reason, a season or whether you are a lifetime.

***i attended a "SERVICE EXCELLENCE SEMINAR AND WESTERN UNION UPDATES" at 1st valley's business center at cdo last saturday..

it was brought to us by petnet and western union..
well, it was kinda fun..a bit of interactive and informative..

***these are all for now..i'm reading a paulo coelho book and haven't done with it so i'll blog it later on nalang..hahaha..
i'm so kapos of time na for my addictions..
life has really change..
and it's hard to adopt to it..
but nah, la-la-la-la..i should be happy nlang..
there's a lot of reasons to be..

..till my next...

Friday, August 29, 2008


Build your own Blingee

updating...'s been long..should say i miss blogging..a lot has happened, actually..
and i'm super keen to jot them down in here though they're not really that attention-grabbing..

***i had the chance to visit iligan for my so called "requirements follow-up" (pde ra tana to pagadian..hehehe) and so, i was absent from work for two days--that was supposed to be the plan..since monday was a holiday, i was supposed to get back to buuglandia in that monday..
yet, after we took the 5.30 mass that sunday dusk, a dreadful news boomeranged the city..a certain traveler's inn and caprice inn was bombed..--those inns were near gaisano.. and there were hundreds of bomb threats for iligan before that..tsk.tsk..
..and so that started the infamous MILF-attack-Lanao issues..
..i'm not gonna elaborate such wicked assaults..

basta, i wasn't able to go home that monday because there weren't any trips bound for zamboanga..


vanvan: kuya eding, vanvan ni..pde absent ko ugma kay wa jud byahe padung dra kay gagubot ang lanao (as if wa cla kabalo)..paningkamotan nako nga mkabyahe ko ugma..
edmans: ok. amping mo dra kay basin torjakon mo sa MILF..hehe

after 5 minutes..

edmans: van, unsa to ako nabalitaan nga gkan daw mo sa traveller's inn..5 mins lang jud daw mo kagawas, niboto na daun xa..nakit-an ka namo sa tv..hehehe..

grgrgrrrrrr...bantay lang jud kang edinga ka!!!

***i am now hating pgma..i used to be a solid fan of the pandak but this MILF chu-chus made me realize she's just another selfish, insatiable, addict bitch..and oh, how else could i forget her pig of a husband..


***i'm into economic and nation issues now..wetwew! gone were the days when all i know of are cardcaptor sakura and g-mik..bye bye paper dolls..hello world!!!ÜÜ

***before i go on with much much deeper issues let me welcome bumbee a.k.a thea a.k.a huggybear..she promised me she'd be reading my entries...i'm not as good as ennui of multiply..nyahaha..magcompare jud..but i also promised i'll be posting a lot like myself..

fyi--believe me bum, i'm little miss shy..☺☺
hope to see more of you here..

Sunday, August 10, 2008

where the hell are you???

i don't want to blog sana today because i don't have anything to post..but since the roots of boring-ness starts to crumple my whole being, let me at least express my wanton moments..

someone asked my help for today..that's why even in brood sunday afternoon, i'm here at the bank..but sadly..

asa naman siya!!
unsa iyang plano??
pahulaton ko diri hangtod molurat na akong kalimotaw..

ginoo, hikapa ang iyang kasingkasing
ug igiya siya sa among sabot..


dili bottomless ang akong pasensiya..

Saturday, August 9, 2008

metamorphosis: if only i have a choiceÜ

>>got this amazing pics from someone who used to be my kababayan..i never had the chance to ask permission for this pics coz i couldn't wait..i so damn love to post it..i pray head over heels she wouldn't get mad..just love to show off how adorable she is and how wonderful life is..

...i had a terrible tiring week..terrible at all ends..terribly happy, terribly lonesome..terribly disappointed..
i had the chance to visit my single mom friends..and their babies..
it is a moment to ponder on..
times ago, we've been burning heels roaming around for a good place and a good talk..
and now, they're obligated to be at home..and though sometimes, they be given free will to spend life outside with friends, people notice and comment--and mind you, they are not good comments...
well, that is exactly what i am thinking every time i possibly think of settling down..
people would tie rope on my neck..
and whenever i find out that a friend is getting married..i'd have wedding blues for them..
it is tiring enough to think of yourself alone..what more when you think for other people..

because the babies are now ladies and are having babies..


it ain't easy working for money..
especially if you're not used to it..

i'm not gonna die if i don't go working..
but the fact that i am in my responsible age and responsible mind pushes me to work for myself..

how pathetic and how admirable..

it disgusts me when people start talking about other people..
most especially when they're far from being perfect..
judgmental lot!!
if you can't change your your mouth..

the armm's election is going on..
bomb threats are at mass..
where is the love??

i happen to watch the Beijing Olympics opening last night..

go team philippines..
though pacquiao was like having difficulty bearing the flag, you can't really help but feel proud..amidst all the nation's crisis, pinoy rocks!!!

china is china..

in the beginning, God made the earth and heaven, and the rest was made in china..

lotsa love


Wednesday, July 30, 2008

the poetry in meÜand the b*tchiness..

my cousin asked me the other night to make him a five-line poem about sun--an English homework..i wasn't at my poetic mood that time but left with no choice, i hurriedly squeezed my maniac brains of its poetic juices even if there isn't any--that time and ever since..
i scanned some teacher's magazines hoping to stumble upon some works that would give me the slightest ideas..i also reread some harry potter books hoping that some installments may have included dumbledore giving harry some opinionated facts about father sun..but to my concluded disappointments--there wasn't any..
so, i freely let my mind drift to the sky and thought of anything about the sun that could be jotted down--there is a lot of course but phrasing it and making it sound as a poem is the difficult part..

after some time of thinking, i came at last to my latest masterpiece.


your brightness as you rise offers warmth and laughter

not just for me but for everything else that matters

and the happiness doesn't end as you set,

rather, promises a better tomorrow as we rest.

sun, dear sun, you're one wonderful gift to everyone.

...its basically everything but art and poetic..lolz..
i wonder if my cousin passed it on...
i'm no good in writing poems and never dreamed of being a poet..i could be a novelist and a writer but never that stuff..


---been here--crushed to pieces--but who says you would never be complete again..

"in every girl with a broken heart, there's always a boy with a glue gun"

--the bullshit(forgive my bad mouth)thing would be when someone still wants you to feel you're being a loser..
>>>and so to you!!!
you're the're still the damn can't even stand a profile view..i'm into someone's arms and yet you're still at his shadow..pity, he's not the type to be stalked at and you're not the type to be turned back to..i wish you the happiness..lolz!!Ü


i'm doing a research paper on Philippine Alternative and Renewable Energy Laws..and i'm kinda having a hard time on it..since i've been out of school for months now and my present job doesn't tackle on energy, i couldn't think of anything to add to this..the search engines are also bit of conservative and don't give me exactly what i friends are buzzing me at ym..

lotsa stuffs to finish..and almost time to bed..

lotsa love..


Monday, July 28, 2008

silent rants

...i don't feel like blogging right now-- i mean in words..
i just want to post something in here..

>>>to my fellows..

>>>to raveen

>>>and to you C. A. G.
i hope you'll get the nerves..

lotsa love♥♥♥

Saturday, July 26, 2008

back to basics

i tried to work on with my layout but sad to say i was unsuccessful--
it was grossed..
i don't know how to download the skins.. i thought just like friendster, you'll just have to copy and paste it..but then again and again i was wrong..i failed and all the entries and the chu-chus i've put in their was lost..i almost panicked..good thing i was able to revert the template to classic..

and the best thing--
thanks a million to esther--
you're one hit of a friend..

i wish i've got Einstein's brains when it comes to html and java and the likes..i really envy those with great layouts..

but well, nothing beats classic and nothing is lovelier than being simple..

and why do i have to want something i am not bound to afford..

someday, im gonna learn that thing and i'm gonna have the best layout in the world..

enough said!!

p.s. i'm spending my night here at the bank.. gotta go..

lotsa luv!!

still in random

it was nyzelle who started the fun..i woke up a little late this morning..though my mind was clattered with the idea that the office would be opening at 8 like regular days, i found it hard to wake up when i woke up i found messages in my phone--from my fanatic(u knw who u are) and from nyz..we started that text parade during our college days--to briefly undrestand it--we're texting the whole group with just one create it was long and it was fun..we updated ourselves with new and old goodies about was quite relax with nyz because she was the only one without something to be busied about that particular moment--me on the other hand, busied myself with the bank's a.k.a office transactions, ella with her rationalization review(i hope i got that right) she with dave, angela still overwhelmed with her being a new registered nurse..and esther with her dreams(she sleeps at day coz she can't at night coz of work)..i wasn't able to join in the fun step by step but i had fun reading the messages..

i found it monsterous when i opened this account around 2pm this background shouted "bandwidth exceeded" at my layout is so gross..i am the only one working with html of this account and im not and adept to it..blogger skins need to be downloaded and i have no definite time to search and download skins as i am busy and undecided right now..i envy some blogs..*sigh.. i am searching photobucket for some good backgrounds so if you happen to find my site messy, my apologies for that's the only one i can afford at the moment..

i'm still at the bank though we've closed early today..we need to keep the books updated because the head office's gonna check them this monday..

i was thinking of getting married--yeah i wanna get married just beacuse i am missing someone terribly..i know it isn't a good option to a solution but mind me, it's hard when you're million miles away..

it was only now that i remembered about the rumored intensity high(i forgot the exact measure) earthquake that was hearsayed to be predicted by some infamous chu-chu(i forgot him again)..and i am a maniac when it comes to happenings that spell death..hay, good thing i kept myself busied last july 18-predicted date--maybe i would have panicked the moment i woke up..

my chismis time is over..i need to go back to my job so i can go home early..
so see yah fanatics if i have any..
lotsa ♥♥♥♥♥

Friday, July 25, 2008

it paid-off..

..though i'm not really a fanatic of medical courses and related stuffs and i never see myself wearing that all-clean, no-sin white uniform i am damn fuckin' proud of my friends who made it..
i mentioned at my previous blog about them..and i haven't made a mistake..


Wednesday, July 23, 2008

why such???

i've read from a certain blog something about why parents sometimes don't wish their kids to grow up--the consequences they face when the kids turn out be the opposite of what they expect..and parents find it hard to forgive kids who faces that consequences...the disappointment factor is really on top list but come to think of it, almost in all cases, parents are always there for the support--that is the reason why most kids do not think first before entering such situation because they always knew that no matter how they plow life, they got family to back them up..--this is just my personal thought and no offense to those with dissimilar views--i'm not really an adept in life issues and no matter how hard i try to be a counseling kind of person most of my petty advices sucks..

people hurt me--though they are not aware of it..but whatever it is--whether aware or not--they hurt me--and that's a big personal issue..

i'm missing my friends and it deeply hurts me seeing them in their happy photos together..selfish me and reality sucks..long time ago i have been so decided that i will not pursue my degree but the reality that i am here stuck at my hometown which is very far from what i have been dreaming of wanted me to change mind though i know there is no remedy at all..--and amidst the negative thoughts i have about this present thing i am into right now, there is a little hope in me that everything will be all right and that i have made the right choice...--and that the thing i would die doing for now is to prove everyone especially my proud ego that this is the right thing..

my phone book doesn't include my so missed friends in college and high school--I've lost their numbers..i've been dying to text them or call them or whatever..i'm so eager to hear what's new with the school and with the powerhouse---

i don't wanna go home..coz it feels like home doesn't want me too or I'm just a paranoid voodoo doll..lolz..i wanna hurt someone..prick him with million needles or boil him alive--hahaha--lolz!i don't even know that certain someone i wanna kill..

i'm feeling out of range--and i don't wanna feel this way..
i hope i'd have a long time to catch up with him..
he's buying me a pair of shoes i love--and the thought of him buying that girly thing makes me crave for him more and more and most maybe..
but i am always hurting him and though i am controlling myself no to--i do--and it hurts me so..
and i am hoping against hopes and wishing against genies all the bad things i have done were not big matters for him..but that is impossible--though he's not the emotional and issue-full type of person, i know i had big mistakes..i am thinking of karma and i hope karma doesn't think of me--

i don't know if the june 2008 nursing results are out now but i wanna congratulate bumbee,gonggy and angel in advance..i have no doubt they'll make it..
and best luck to ella, rob,junel,rr,bashang,moses and all--i forgot the names and no issue they're not reading this anyway..
i hope someday they get to decide to build a hospital and own it...and me, free of charge of course..

--i'm really feeling like a lost doll today..i'm in random thoughts and it makes me sick..
hope i'll be normal tomorrow..

lotsa love♥♥♥

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

>>my friend luken and his crazy pics..mizyah!!Ü

Kapag wala ang malupet na Boss!

Kapag tinawag ka ng malupet na Boss!

Habang nasa meeting!

Nasa training o seminar!

Coffee break sa baba!

Pag-uwi ng bahay galing opis!

Malapit na mag uwian !

Walang pasok may holiday bukas!

Kapag may inutos and malupet na Boss!

Kapag nalaman na hindi umabot ang report sa deadline *patay kay Boss!

Pagkatapos masabon ng malupet na Boss!

Pinag OT-y ka for 3hrs

Pinag OT-y ka buong gabi!

Matapos sabihin ng malupet na boss na puamsok ka sa christmas at new-year!

Wala kang salary increase this year!

Ugali ng malupet ng Boss habang nag-eexplain ka sa kanya!

Pinagreresign ka ng malupet na Boss!

Sagot sa iyo ng malupet na Boss matapos humingi ng isa pang pagkakataon!

Natanggap mo ang force resignation letter galing sa malupet na Boss!

Ang kinahantungan ng malupet na Boss!

--ibang level na talaga me..year ago i'm blaberring bout my teachers and yet now its BOSS na..hahaha--loving it..definitely miss schooling but this world challenges me..

--i find it quite amazing to know that there are also people out there who finds time to check me up in here..
i always thought no one cares--ive been posting my blogspot url at my shout out for months now..and yet no one really dared clicking it--that's what i know..the least i expect it--a friend would beep me and would say "oi nice baya to imo blogspot"--a comment as simple as that would mean stars and sunshine to me..

--to all who happens to stumble upon this simple refuge--thanks!!
i know my posts here depicts a boring life but still you happen to waste a bit of your precious time..
i do hope that next time you add a bit of time for a comment and maybe if you like make an account in here!!lolz..

been to iligan last weekend..feed up the burning desire of wanting hugs and kisses..--still i want more!!
--when will i have more???lolz..

loving my 1st valley bank family..
saved the supposed fare home..
amidst the negative hearsays, i'm feeling i belong..


Friday, July 11, 2008

...a thought just bumps me today..i decided to put in pics of some friends that captivates me..since this place has been my thoughts refuge i would also like to share photos that mean to me..
so from now on, my blog entries would start with a photo i specially and vainly choose...

>>this is sheena--though we haven't really had a chance to bond long and often--i find her simply cute and amazingly pretty..

--so much for the pics, i'll be in iligan tomorrow..going to see my sis--my old school and my friends..and of course--my boy!!
haven't been there for almost a month--lolz and i have a lot to catch up..

went up with my office mates--they went shopping for the duka bay event--it's going to be our bank's founder's day--sadly, i can't be able to join in..

saw my balikbayan couzin later today..happy!!it's been long..

i wont be able to blog in for a couple of days but im sure im gonna have lots to share when i blog again..

--went blog hopping again and the the entries are super amazing!!Über..

lotsa love♥♥♥