Saturday, September 20, 2008

i am >___<

cyberspacing where i should be tipping my pretty hands on that adding machine for the ledger balance~~the audit team will be here by monday and so i am spending the rest of my supposed to be "free time" doing the work think so i am workaholic, overused, tired, stressed and haggard???..well, you think right...there is this philosophy that promotions on government agencies matter on years of service but private companies on work performance..and so you know, i'm kicking off my own ass for that early promotion...<demonic lolz>..hahaha..of course not..

i miss the devils of studying..<demonic lolz again>..and procrastinating like theres no tomorrow..
..currently listening to david cook's billie jean..Billie jean is not my lover shes just a girl who claims that I am the one but the kid is not my son..>__< ..and what's with the man?? kelly clarkson was the ultimate american idol amongst those trying to be and yet david cook is about to get the throne---oh, ayt, he could be king and she could be queen...ayt!ayt!..i'm loving joe jonas♥ and piolo pascual♥..yeah ryt!!.. there's this bulletin at fs that tells of a free load from a site like ayrayt or whatevs..the step was so easy that it made me shiver down my just have to type in the number and afterwards the email address and the password of your e-add..i was done with that when they ask for the friendster account and didto ra daun ko nahikmata!!binuang to tanan..they could have hacked my accounts..stupid of me..they could have known the secrets of my secrets..good thing i was able to change my password before any hacking could have been done..i couldn't anyhows affirm that it was hacking chuchus but prevention is better than cure..hekhekhek...

..kaunting masaya..maraming hindi..kawawa naman ako..hindi pa talaga ako marunong magtagalog..i love speaking in bleeds me..*sigh..i am about to start fun moment in multiply and so i was tagging my friends with that parang survey but no one of them even dare make one..sabi pa ni luken..EI VAN. UNSAY TAG?...

..some hearts get broken..
and i had mine last night..wetwew!!nah, we haven't broke up..or anything~ ~we just text text ting couples of hours and then he slept without telling me.. that was around 9..ginerbyos ko kay basin naunsa xa..i kept making pa-ring his fone for two hours..and finally he woke up around 12..cge sori..but sadly, he just broke my heart...i know that was so mababaw..but sadly it pained my chest..and it flamed me..>___< keeping my cool now yet still in the healing process..>__<

..dahil kawawa ako ngayon..masyado akong sensitive..
i want a life..give me one!!

hay naku..buntung hininga..>_<

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