Sunday, June 17, 2012


I know I wouldn't be able to brag about how great my father is, because he is not. But then it wouldn't stop me from telling the world how I love him despite all his misgivings. Maybe, life had been so much luckier and easier if he has chosen to be as responsible as a father should be, but I am contented with what I have now. And I thank him for giving me a life. I don't have much but I am proud with what I have been. And life is too short to be spending on grudges and insecurities. He may not have given us all the support that we deserve but he never fails to show us how he love us in his little simple ways. And I am proud of my feelings of not being ungrateful towards him and of the continuous love I have for him despite all. I believe I am a good daughter and a good person. And that simple fact in life, is what I owe him. I love you Pang and you'd always be the best father.