Saturday, July 26, 2008

back to basics

i tried to work on with my layout but sad to say i was unsuccessful--
it was grossed..
i don't know how to download the skins.. i thought just like friendster, you'll just have to copy and paste it..but then again and again i was wrong..i failed and all the entries and the chu-chus i've put in their was lost..i almost panicked..good thing i was able to revert the template to classic..

and the best thing--
thanks a million to esther--
you're one hit of a friend..

i wish i've got Einstein's brains when it comes to html and java and the likes..i really envy those with great layouts..

but well, nothing beats classic and nothing is lovelier than being simple..

and why do i have to want something i am not bound to afford..

someday, im gonna learn that thing and i'm gonna have the best layout in the world..

enough said!!

p.s. i'm spending my night here at the bank.. gotta go..

lotsa luv!!

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