Friday, July 11, 2008

...a thought just bumps me today..i decided to put in pics of some friends that captivates me..since this place has been my thoughts refuge i would also like to share photos that mean to me..
so from now on, my blog entries would start with a photo i specially and vainly choose...

>>this is sheena--though we haven't really had a chance to bond long and often--i find her simply cute and amazingly pretty..

--so much for the pics, i'll be in iligan tomorrow..going to see my sis--my old school and my friends..and of course--my boy!!
haven't been there for almost a month--lolz and i have a lot to catch up..

went up with my office mates--they went shopping for the duka bay event--it's going to be our bank's founder's day--sadly, i can't be able to join in..

saw my balikbayan couzin later today..happy!!it's been long..

i wont be able to blog in for a couple of days but im sure im gonna have lots to share when i blog again..

--went blog hopping again and the the entries are super amazing!!Über..

lotsa love♥♥♥

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