Saturday, July 26, 2008

still in random

it was nyzelle who started the fun..i woke up a little late this morning..though my mind was clattered with the idea that the office would be opening at 8 like regular days, i found it hard to wake up when i woke up i found messages in my phone--from my fanatic(u knw who u are) and from nyz..we started that text parade during our college days--to briefly undrestand it--we're texting the whole group with just one create it was long and it was fun..we updated ourselves with new and old goodies about was quite relax with nyz because she was the only one without something to be busied about that particular moment--me on the other hand, busied myself with the bank's a.k.a office transactions, ella with her rationalization review(i hope i got that right) she with dave, angela still overwhelmed with her being a new registered nurse..and esther with her dreams(she sleeps at day coz she can't at night coz of work)..i wasn't able to join in the fun step by step but i had fun reading the messages..

i found it monsterous when i opened this account around 2pm this background shouted "bandwidth exceeded" at my layout is so gross..i am the only one working with html of this account and im not and adept to it..blogger skins need to be downloaded and i have no definite time to search and download skins as i am busy and undecided right now..i envy some blogs..*sigh.. i am searching photobucket for some good backgrounds so if you happen to find my site messy, my apologies for that's the only one i can afford at the moment..

i'm still at the bank though we've closed early today..we need to keep the books updated because the head office's gonna check them this monday..

i was thinking of getting married--yeah i wanna get married just beacuse i am missing someone terribly..i know it isn't a good option to a solution but mind me, it's hard when you're million miles away..

it was only now that i remembered about the rumored intensity high(i forgot the exact measure) earthquake that was hearsayed to be predicted by some infamous chu-chu(i forgot him again)..and i am a maniac when it comes to happenings that spell death..hay, good thing i kept myself busied last july 18-predicted date--maybe i would have panicked the moment i woke up..

my chismis time is over..i need to go back to my job so i can go home early..
so see yah fanatics if i have any..
lotsa ♥♥♥♥♥

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altheapp2 said...

2i..hahahaha..minyo jud?!
should stop reading from eyes burning, cant go on..hahaha..
i think the bank's stressing you..try to relax, you're young..hehehe..