Tuesday, July 8, 2008

..feel like a princess..

  • nothing crappy bout the title--still overwhelmed with saint-exupery's the little prince book though i've been reading it for the nth time..it's a childish-yet-mature book..lolz..
  • been doing my couzin's powerpoint presentation project..--just because i thought i'm an expert of this--i voluntarily suggested to make the project and to my dismay find myself annoyed and tired..it' been my second day raging photobucket and google for exact pictures i could fit in the presentation..the topic's boracay and the concept is to promote the spot--silly me for choosing the place i've never been in so far in my life--imagine the efforts i've put in.
  • currently listening to click five's time machine--my couzin's kind of music..i'm not into music mood today..so anything would do..
  • an excerpt from a comic book..
girl: pag nawala ba ako, mamimiss mo ako??

boy:(silently praying)lord, bigyan nyo po ako ng magandang maisasagot..

after a while..

boy: pag nawala ka, hahanapin kita..


  • miss school--got a friendster comment from my college friend..miss iit--super miss the powerhouse..*sigh!!
  • job confusion--the idea that i'm into a job excites and freaks me..i am now a proud "ulipon sa capitalista" but the hearsays threat me..hayz, kailan ba ako naging confident..id better do good for a lasting impression---it's the best choice than looking for a job again..anyways, it was kuya nilo's bday bash--kuya nilo's the chief security of the bank im connected with..it wasn't my plan at first to be at the celebration but when i found out that i'd have an automatic deduction for his birthday(that's the company's rule) ..i decided to stay and eat my hearts out..hahaha..at least nakabawi ko sa deduction.
  • im happy but not super and i dont want to be super happy pud..hayz,sigh..

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