Wednesday, July 16, 2008

>>my friend luken and his crazy pics..mizyah!!Ü

Kapag wala ang malupet na Boss!

Kapag tinawag ka ng malupet na Boss!

Habang nasa meeting!

Nasa training o seminar!

Coffee break sa baba!

Pag-uwi ng bahay galing opis!

Malapit na mag uwian !

Walang pasok may holiday bukas!

Kapag may inutos and malupet na Boss!

Kapag nalaman na hindi umabot ang report sa deadline *patay kay Boss!

Pagkatapos masabon ng malupet na Boss!

Pinag OT-y ka for 3hrs

Pinag OT-y ka buong gabi!

Matapos sabihin ng malupet na boss na puamsok ka sa christmas at new-year!

Wala kang salary increase this year!

Ugali ng malupet ng Boss habang nag-eexplain ka sa kanya!

Pinagreresign ka ng malupet na Boss!

Sagot sa iyo ng malupet na Boss matapos humingi ng isa pang pagkakataon!

Natanggap mo ang force resignation letter galing sa malupet na Boss!

Ang kinahantungan ng malupet na Boss!

--ibang level na talaga me..year ago i'm blaberring bout my teachers and yet now its BOSS na..hahaha--loving it..definitely miss schooling but this world challenges me..

--i find it quite amazing to know that there are also people out there who finds time to check me up in here..
i always thought no one cares--ive been posting my blogspot url at my shout out for months now..and yet no one really dared clicking it--that's what i know..the least i expect it--a friend would beep me and would say "oi nice baya to imo blogspot"--a comment as simple as that would mean stars and sunshine to me..

--to all who happens to stumble upon this simple refuge--thanks!!
i know my posts here depicts a boring life but still you happen to waste a bit of your precious time..
i do hope that next time you add a bit of time for a comment and maybe if you like make an account in here!!lolz..

been to iligan last weekend..feed up the burning desire of wanting hugs and kisses..--still i want more!!
--when will i have more???lolz..

loving my 1st valley bank family..
saved the supposed fare home..
amidst the negative hearsays, i'm feeling i belong..


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