Sunday, August 10, 2008

where the hell are you???

i don't want to blog sana today because i don't have anything to post..but since the roots of boring-ness starts to crumple my whole being, let me at least express my wanton moments..

someone asked my help for today..that's why even in brood sunday afternoon, i'm here at the bank..but sadly..

asa naman siya!!
unsa iyang plano??
pahulaton ko diri hangtod molurat na akong kalimotaw..

ginoo, hikapa ang iyang kasingkasing
ug igiya siya sa among sabot..


dili bottomless ang akong pasensiya..


altheapp2 said...

VAN! hahaha, napadpad rajd ko finally sa imo blogs..ambot say nakaon, bored ngali..hahaha.. any way, since this is your latest blog, i'll just leave my comment here..i'l be reading each of your written thoughts, so dont you worry, someone wud be reading these now..hahahaha..keep posting!

altheapp2 said...

by the way, relax lng hah? heee
and the little-miss-shy thing, er, doesnt suit you..hahahaha