Saturday, August 9, 2008

metamorphosis: if only i have a choiceÜ

>>got this amazing pics from someone who used to be my kababayan..i never had the chance to ask permission for this pics coz i couldn't wait..i so damn love to post it..i pray head over heels she wouldn't get mad..just love to show off how adorable she is and how wonderful life is..

...i had a terrible tiring week..terrible at all ends..terribly happy, terribly lonesome..terribly disappointed..
i had the chance to visit my single mom friends..and their babies..
it is a moment to ponder on..
times ago, we've been burning heels roaming around for a good place and a good talk..
and now, they're obligated to be at home..and though sometimes, they be given free will to spend life outside with friends, people notice and comment--and mind you, they are not good comments...
well, that is exactly what i am thinking every time i possibly think of settling down..
people would tie rope on my neck..
and whenever i find out that a friend is getting married..i'd have wedding blues for them..
it is tiring enough to think of yourself alone..what more when you think for other people..

because the babies are now ladies and are having babies..


it ain't easy working for money..
especially if you're not used to it..

i'm not gonna die if i don't go working..
but the fact that i am in my responsible age and responsible mind pushes me to work for myself..

how pathetic and how admirable..

it disgusts me when people start talking about other people..
most especially when they're far from being perfect..
judgmental lot!!
if you can't change your your mouth..

the armm's election is going on..
bomb threats are at mass..
where is the love??

i happen to watch the Beijing Olympics opening last night..

go team philippines..
though pacquiao was like having difficulty bearing the flag, you can't really help but feel proud..amidst all the nation's crisis, pinoy rocks!!!

china is china..

in the beginning, God made the earth and heaven, and the rest was made in china..

lotsa love



Therese Milady said...

Van, diba si Xyza na?
Taga-pag man ata na siya.

altheapp2 said...

ahh..xyza dy nah?ahh..
hmm, 2i, affected au ka sa happennings sa imu surroundings lng, those who were wed and having babies, it was their own choice..and we'l never know, maybe they're happier with the blessing of a baby..