Wednesday, April 23, 2008

stupid love...

"i am fixing things right now
i'm on my second choice
i'm sori"

a stupid text message from an equally stupid freak..
the message is kinda not clear but it annoyingly shouts two at a time....
hayz, ive been in this very same spot and i obviously know how this fucks life..
you could never know who to trust and what to expect..
the ass who made something like this to me is an obvious freak and that was my fucking fault that time but this ass is another story..we all thought she's getting a doze of a lovely life the moment she announces they were pair..i never really liked the damn bastard but seeing the smile she made in my friends once-shattered life and add up his well-praised reputation and accomplishment, no one would ever think of this filthy ending..
though, my hubby and i had our shares of arguments which sometimes led me to think of dumping him and his stupid pride, he never made me feel i'm just a second choice..
i always know and feel that i am love..
i don't know what to tell my hurt friend for i know that no words could ever lessen up any pain..
i just wish she could find a good man after this..
keeping the faith..

"somewhere between heartaches and waiting,
comes the chance to be found by someone who can
show you that you
don't have to be an option
but the only choice".

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