Monday, April 28, 2008

small wonders

ive been answering a lot of surveys right now and those surveys always include the infamous question ARE YOU HAPPY NOW?
i am indeed happy right now no doubt but the deeper question would be what makes me happy..
friends, lovers and family are on spotlights..
but come to think of it.. there are also small things that makes me grin as i stumble upon them each and everyday of my life..


BUTTONS - they're super cute..i really have this thing for cute stuffs..cute man gud pud!!
hehehe..basta, i don't raid garment stores for buttons but finding them at home especially sa mga vintage items ni lola is really cool...that when im up for general cleaning and im so pissed off about smile when i bumped to that little thingy with that four holes na parang nakangiti..*sweet!


COLOR PENCILS - i remember way back in grade school days pag start ng school days, kanya kanyang pashow off ng new school stuffs.. aside from that usual erasers and sharpeners there's that never-ending comparison of colored pens and pencils and the like..and now that im older im not so into that kiddy school stuffs na but believe me id got the hang of it everytime my mom would brought home a set of colorings and the like..


STATIONARY PAPERS - my first ever collection..up to now i still have that shoe box filled with my cute paper cravings..with this high tech world, i know i may not be using them again but they continue to enchant me that i would never trade them to wallpapers ever..ever..ever..


CHOCOLATES - who the hell doesn't like so chocoloco..i could eat choclets for breakfast, lunch and supper and not be over it..


FLOWERS - my softest girly sweet romance..


BOOKS - my forever addiction..if there's a place that id be willing to get stranded to, that would really be library.. and i could be at my dream lands and fantasy life all at once.. small happiness..shalalalalalalala!

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Vanessita said...

i love chocolates too :D