Wednesday, April 23, 2008

blogs rock!

i love blogging..i really do..i've been blogging in friendster and in multiply and oh i used to have an account at always have that passion in writing and because my college course is so far out from that of writing i didn't have the chance to enhance and feed up my passion..
so this blog thing is sure a hell of a good news for me..i don't write for an audience but it sure flatters me when someone comments that you write a good blog and that they can relate to the thing here is that i write for myself..when there is a happy thing or even a freaky one in my life. i blog would be cool to look back at these moments someday..

aside from blogging my own, i also enjoy reading other people's blogs and one blog that influenced me to have an account in here is that of bianca..yepz!yepz! the bianca gonzales's cool to know that she is indeed what we see in frills and no kaplastikan..simple life..extraordinary happiness..

kudos to bianca! and to other bloggers out tha!!!

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