Sunday, April 27, 2008

blog hopping..

tis world is really super super cool..
i only blog at friendster and multiply and this thing is totally one heck of a new world for meh..
my friends are not into blogging..
i took the high risk of exploring this wide world and voila am starting to really really feel at home..
sana lang madiscover din ito ng mga fwends ko..

aaaacckkk..i was blog hopping yesterday and left some x links messages
to pretty bloggers i stumble upon my hopping way..
and some really managed to drop by my page..ang saya saya..
i thot super mahirap maghanap ng frends sa blogworld..
nkalink na jayo sa kin..super thank you!!

ang pangit ng page ko..huhuhu
ganito lang talaga ang kaya ng powers ko..
thanks to for the html tutorials,
to photobucket for the image hosting,
to glitter-graphics for the cute blingblings
and cbox for the chitchats..

i hope a lot would care visit my page..
para hindi sayang ang efforts ko..

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