Wednesday, April 30, 2008

salamat... lahat ng ng greet sa burtday ko..
a lot of thanks..cge..trillion of thank youssss...
those who greeted in advance--kasi daw baka wala sila load on my day..
salamat kahit kawawa kayo kasi wala kau load..hahaha
pity ur not as lucky as i am..ive been texting unlimited globe-to-globe kahit alang load..
it's going to be 2 months in may 11 nah..salamat globe--advance gift yon..
sa nggreet sa friendster-- salamat din..

to my 4 special bisitas--

ella--for the waterproof mascara ( ive been craving for a new one since i left mine in iligan..) and for the individual blue for her cologne spray--

natz-- for the purple foot socks (surprise kaau!)

robb-- for the laughs and time

glenpaul --for the ride..

robert and allan-- for the birthday calls and to the rest of the powerhouse..

and to those who managed to greet least nkahabol pa..

salamat! salamat! salamat!

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