Wednesday, April 23, 2008

am the world's greatest..

finally!!!!a proof of my success..i so love this moment..our smiles didn't even showed even a little bit of hardships and struggles which we had in four years...
still have a year left..the final level ika nga..but sa kanila na lang yon..hindi ko na pahihirapan ang aking self..damn being a cpa..i can be rich in my own other way..sana nga!!hahaha...
i wish i could take another course after this one..probably a culinary course or creative writing..but nah, i need to work na cguro..i wish i could find a good job..huhuhu
i'd love to be responsible nah..i'd love to buy my own stuff and not ask them from mom..i'd love to go places i've seen in my dreams..hahahaha..
i'd love to be my own master..sana...sana..sana..

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