Wednesday, April 30, 2008

my first ever tagged..

i got tagged by vannesita ( tenchu a lot)

Directions: List down 10 things that recently made you happy then tag other ten people to spread the love.

1. yesterday's my birthday
--i turned 21 yesterday..i posted the details a while ago..

2. beauty--our new askal puppy..
--she is named after pbb teen housemate beauty from dumaguete..she's cute and super lolo bathe her everyday..she loves to play with anyone's left foot..yeah she doesnt care about the right one..

3. blogging
--im new here..just started this so loving it that i post more than once a day..hahaha..
baka kasi i may not be able to post if i got that wish job na..and since im the one na nakatoka sa aming cafe, i should be making sulit it..

4. bebee
--my longest love interest and hopefully forever na..hahahaha..

5. crazy for this girl by evan and jaron
--heard it just a moment's a music from a certain blog..i used to so love this song and forgot about it..hahaha..its surprising to hear it again..

6. my new waterproof mascara
--a birthday gift from ella..mascara is really one of my must-have essentials and its cool to have a new one..

7. the grim adventures of billy and mandy
--weeknights at cartoon network..funny cant help but laugh

8. friends
--lotsa love from highschool friends are super..though we seldom see eaxh other because we school in different places we never fail to keep in touch..

9. a new job
--its not sure yet but i texted maam molina early this morning and she said il try bring my application letter..i hope il get it..i helped them naman a lot of ways..and i know the office needs me badly..wink*

10. vannesita
--i really dont have personal friends here in blogger but in the same way its not hard making friends and im so glad i hop by vannesita..super friendly..a lot has managed to visit this site and left a little chitchat but she left me a comment--my first ever and she tagged me..its more than enough..
i do hope shed read this so that she'll know she's truly appreciated..
lotsa love to vannesita!!!

im tagging..
and others...


twinkletoe said...

thanks for this tag.. will do this later okay, will inform you pg napost ko na..ingat :] mwahugs!

xtrigger_mimai said...

I love Billy and Mandy!! :] I'm eviiiiiil like Mandy. Haha.

wacky_van said...

okay twinks..will wait for u!!
and mimai, yeah i love mandy too,,billy's idiot☻..laughs..and grim's never mind..thanks for the comments guys!!!