Wednesday, April 23, 2008


it's summertime but i am obviously stuck at home..huhuhu.. no trips..just books and the net.. hmm...well, the best advantage of being stuck up at home would be fantasizing my escapade.. would be great visiting... my fantasy island new Zealand..

Rugged. Adventurous. Both! with that curious and courageous spirit still intact I don't need — or necessarily want — a lot of pampering when traveling. Though it's relaxing to just lounge on a beach chair the whole day, it is much cool to seek challenges and explore countryside..wee, imagine honing that native weaving skill and eating their rarest delicacy...
bungee jumping, hiking the back country, or hitting every museum a city has to offer.

New Zealand's varied terrain, glaciers, beaches, cities and mountains would be so so so fun-tastic! ....grrrr..enough for this fantasy!

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