Friday, June 20, 2008


...tired, stressed,bored,confused..
happy,contented,in bliss..
i'm having both of the worlds and it makes me lucky and in vain at the same time..

ironic???so ironic..
i'm not having the best of the world but things seem to fall in their places..
though i'm feeling a bit nauseatic for tomorrow's job evaluations, i can feel that i'm almost there..
i'm not used to waking up early and spending most of my time at the office but i better practice now...sigh*
i want to laugh myself out but there are certain things that keep me grounded..
--people that matters

i'm a super selfish bitch but hey, now i can't totally be happy if my friends aren't..dammit..
and the hard thing--you want to help but they won't allow you..
slowly, they're killing me--of curiosity and deprivation..
i hope they'd have the guts and the trust..

no man is an island..

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