Monday, June 2, 2008


...i miss my phone and my phoney friends..hell yeah, my phone wasn't the best phone in the was just a simple short, it was a poor camera, no mp3 and all those high tech stuffs that people are dozing over..but it was MY PHONE!!and it was like no other for me..miss all the quotes and the chitchats,the forwarded messages,the arguments and the good stuffs..miss connecting with friends..
--i want a new phone!!nah, it sounds so selfish..i need a new phone!!
i hope mom gets the nerve to buy me a new one..the high tech one..nyahaha..i'm not really a material kind of girl but hightech phones are fad..

..been obligated to enrol my sis while she's home enjoying her remaining summer..bought a 250 ml pyrex beaker for her clearance purposes and left her prf at the controller's office..let her do the rest of the job..bad ate!! a petty argument with bebee last night..i so thought last night would end our affair..good thing we both came to our senses..

...will be in cdo this wednesday or thursday..hopefully!!got to follow up my job application..hoping against all hopes i'd get the job..

more prayers and less foods--ultimate goal in life!!
lotsa love!!

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