Friday, June 13, 2008

☺☻☺your lifetime friend☻☺☻

...been out of cyber space lately..
friends do mean a lot to me..i've been pampered with friends since time immemorial..and i guess i'm not gonna live life without them..who'd be of course..
and since im out of my friends' reach, i so damn miss the freaks..
most of them are not really familiar with this site but just in case..
to my forever and always RAVEEN
...we've really come to our responsible points, though i could live a lifetime laughing and talking with you girls, it is also a bit healthier for us to explore the world and the future..don't worry, nothing could make me richer than our ultimate friendship..
bezz, though we're far away from each other these past years, i am so glad that we remain with each just don't know how much i appreciate it when you reach out and update me with all that's in you now..and though i am not so vocal with our friendship id like you to know that i pray for the best things for you♥♥♥
natz,she and nday..the dillemas that you onced faced never hinder us rather it made us stronger..
gel, rest..will always be here either ul be RN or not..hehehe
luvyah bezz,natz,day,she and gel...
to MSU batch 2004..
...the forever sharing batch..hope we could share and share..forevah..nyahaha!!
you're the institution that taught me most of my firsts..
and the hard times are just as cool as the good ones..
we dream a lot and i know they're bound to come true and i'm so eager to wait for that moment
i can't wait for that one crazy moment where we can brag our achievements, argue about petty matters and just laugh about it afterwards
to JPIA powerhouse..
guys, i learned to dream..i got keep it up..
i am so damn proud of u!!♥♥♥
never did i meet persons so focused and so determined as u ol..
you helped me defeat the hostilities yet bestowed in me the wonders of college life..
to my street friends..
bmates, schoolmates,textmates..exes,suitors and passers by..though our friendship time doesn't spell forever, i'm glad you put up a rainbow in maybe aren't there during my appaling times nonetheless i was bursting with bliss.. and though some of you were the reason of my once blurry and bleedy life, the lesson it fed me cannot pay off the said twinge..
and so im awfully glad that sometime in our lives we met and you all would never be forgotten..
to my co-trainees at 1st valley bank..
our personalities may be poles apart but the laughter binds us..and as we are about to end the sanctuary that holds us..may we be filled with the knowledge that should be imparted to us and of course the camaraderie that knotted our disparity..
and to my newest and hopefully lasting bestfriend..
bebee, you picked me up at my lowest and you supported me with all the things i have and're a blessing and i am bound to keep you all my life even if it would make me the poorest..i have loved and been loved in the past yet no one made me feel as contented as as gleeful as now..
though sometimes i get fixated with other things, you never tried to help me through it..
thank just don't know how much i appreciate and admire you..
i love you and i am so happy and proud i have you..

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