Friday, May 16, 2008

a lot about L..

Got tagged by Mimai :)

Name ten things that start with the letter L.

1. Love – the greatest emotion daw!!nyahahaha..

2. Lalaki – my best friend's only problem..*wink!it's paranoidal (imadethisword) when you have everything but a lovelife.. :)

3. Laptop – i'm dying to have one..kainis ang bulky pc..and since im out of the hauz i couldn't bring it out with me pa...

4. LIFE – living it out..ang saya saya...

5. Lipshiner – i want a new one..i still have one from tastes good but the color's ORANGE..d ko feel..:(

6. Lobo – papa p...

7. Lollipop... – it's been months i haven't had to have from chupachups.. :))

8. Leslie's Clover chips – my midnight snack last night..along with nescafe's creamy vanilla..not a perfect combination though..

9. Losing weight – i so need mehhh

10. Lil Kenzo's binyag – tomorrow one of the ninang but sad to say i cant be there..huhuh Ü

I’m tagging mheemz, vanessita, twinks,tiborsho.. For the tagged, please name ten things starting with letter V.. so that ul have a hard time..hehehe..kidding... And congratulate me for making an effort to actually tag people. :]


twinkletoe said...

wow sis.. nice award.. love it.. thank you.. am touched :] mwahugs!

twinkletoe said...

ayy..sowe di pala award..tag pala.. wehehehe.. may utang pa akong isang tag sayo..sensya na ha di ko pa napost.. pramis will do it.. thanks uli :]

twinkletoe said...

sis done with it na! yeey!