Thursday, May 22, 2008

cagayan blues..Ü

...i'm in see-dee-oh (that's cagayan de oro city in OA terms) now..and probably i'll be here for a week or moreÜ
i'll be attending a fiesta--so that means a whole lotsa P-A-K-A-L-S!!(foods in english)yumyum..i'll forget my diet plans for the mean time..i've been planning diet for years now and i'm too lazy to pursue it..huhuhu..i really don't have that strict discipline..

got a visit from my best friend E-L-L-A and close buddies Junel and Gelrob..they're my favorite friends on earth..never a dull moment with them..

rob♥mehhh♥ella♥ meh♪♪♪ella with ate bing☺♥jonah

robb☻meh junel♥ella

the culprit-- rob with his first junel--popping from me--just me♥♥♥
magic pops-- pop... doypack to the mouth

☺☺☺hoping for a great vacation here...
lotsa love♥♥♥

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