Friday, May 16, 2008

iligan blues Ü

...♥back in the city of waterfalls..had a lot to catch up to and had a lot to miss leaving province..ö
my college classmates are so busy asking me how i've done with my supposed to be review..i hate to lie but if i'd say i'm not gonna take that crappy qualifying exam and just be okay with my bachelor in accounting technology, they'd be hysteric and they would all pissed me with their petty advices about becoming a CPA..ü
like dah..never dream of it..just enrolled because i was left with no choice..and coz i've been happy with their company, i decided to stay until that 4th year graduation..☺ but another year would be another side of the story..i've had enough of that FS and audit and taxes and law..god help me..

i'm in job hunting now..passed an application letter to a certain bank, took a Ross test▬super challenging but i guess i made it well..the bank will just call me if ever but i personally doubt it because i haven't handed on my transcript of's still not released from school..☺

☼boring summer..never been to beach (hope our plan for beach tomorrow would pursue)
♥lotsa food trips☻
♥lotsa music trip♫

♥♥♥will meet bebee's parents this would be for the second time but i still have that goosebumps☻plus i'm super fat now..kidding, i'm overreacting..i just got a big tummy..nope, im not preggy..i just eat a lot and don't exercise..

tomorrow would be baby kenzo's christening..☻sadly i couldn't be able to attend though i'm one of the ninangs..i am so a wrong-timing person..i wasn't able to attend bojie's christening also..
Ügood thing i was there during nyzelle and nicoy's civil wedding ceremony.. friends are marrying and having babies already..happy and afraid for them at the same time and jealous most of the time..but nah..i know i shouldn't rush time..i want to be the best person when i get there..ready to face my future husband and my babies☺☻☺☻lotsa laughsÜ

...i'm getting nowhereö..
i hope i could have some productive stuffs for the remaining days of my boring summer..
i started with beads last night..i finished up a small rosary...and there's a lot coming..


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