Friday, November 8, 2013

hello, we meet again

My, exactly 485 days from my last post. Sounds awkward, right? Good thing, I could still remember my username and password or it would have been a lot more embarrassing. 

And yes, I can read your mind, 485 days has done a lot to me and my proud life. And no, I don't want to tell you about the not-so good things because they don't matter at all. Few inches from my husband sleeping peacefully, I could sum up that life was generally generous to me. 

To add up to my overflowing blessings, I would like to personally welcome my bezzy to the blog world. She's been my number one blog fan and I am so happy and proud that she is finally starting her own, filled and wonderful blog. Every little thing will give you so much about the precious things in the barbie-sh world of a blessed girl.

Ours are two different blogs, and I am not afraid to confess that we don't share the same sentiments on most things, but for so many good years now, we have complemented our differences well, and cross that miles of distance.   



ella grace said...

A huge thank you bezz :)

randy said...

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