Tuesday, May 26, 2009

summer's out..school's in..

still running out of words to say..

..like summer has come to end and me not having a blast on it and school is about to knock and i'm stupidly missing the feeling of being a kolehiyala again..

i miss..

business law and taxation, cost accounting, group dynamics in marketing and management..my funny history 4, cool humanities 1 and oh-so boring polsci..

queuing along cashier's and registrar's office for enrollment and watching out on who'll handle the major this sem and how terror he could get..

the jollibee meals on firsts of the months and pancit canton on month-ends.

coffee shops, ice cream parlors, tempura houses..

parks, pools and theaters..

group study, overnight study, cramming..


how silly could i get wanting the school to end way back..and discovering how work sucks..

oh well...nuff!

***the family that beach together, stays forever

*** summer must-eat minus the leche flan


(hindi ko afford ung tarp eh..kaya blog blog lang muna..)

this is so not me..nkaenglish eh...boohooo..



wow nman enge,hehe

Lord CM said...

Pwede akin na lang ung halo halo? pleaseeee lolz

A-Z-E-L said...

"the jollibee meals on firsts of the months and pancit canton on month-ends."

nakarelate ako dito... hahahaha! ubos-ubos biyaya kase. pag dating ng last week of the month.. pancit canton na lng!!!

sarap ng halo-halo.. bagay na bagay sa disyerto!!!

The Pope said...

wow my fav HALU-HALO

I wish I could grab that one hahahaha.

Well school life is really fun, life seems so easy when you are in college, despite the brain twisting numbers that seems to drill your brain out hahahaha. We all wish we are still in college, lesser responsibilities, lesser obligations, where we can freely laugh and bond and have fun.

Life is Beautiful.

Anonymous said...

sarap ng halo halo!

yeah! summer's out! pero di ko feel! hakhak!

azul said...

namimiss ko din ang college life ko..yung paglalaro ko ng xbox while my groupmates are busy studying for our defense..hehe

lucas said...

ang sarap ng halo-halo! waaa! penge! T_T

nako ang dami ko ring nami-miss lalo na nung college--friends and the days after the toxic days...

work sucks? wala akong work kaya i'm not sure if i can say the same. hehe!

Cheers! :)

lesson learned for you readers. basahin muna kasi yung label sa baba nung post. ahehe! thanks, van :)

Winkie said...

weeee! nakakagutom naman ang halo-halo... penge nga! hehehe!

nice beach pic... hope you had a blast there with your family :)

isabel said...

sinampal yata ako,hehe. Boring polsci? Hehe. Nice post. :-)

Anonymous said...

weno ngayon kung naka-english? hehehe.

namimiss ko na rin ang baon ko nung nag-aaral ako. ngayon, puro work na lang.

work sucks indeed! *sigh*

isabel said...

But yeah, polsci is boring when you've an uber boring professor like... Ahem. Hehe. Secret nalang. :-D burn boring professors! Hehe.

Anonymous said...

haha..enjoy your life as s student while you still are..mamimiss mo yan pramis..hehe

Anonymous said...

Awww... Congratz sa frend mo! KAya ba may halo halo?

Ako nga ilang taon na kong graduate, di pa naman ganun katagal, pero sobrang miss ko na ang klase namin. Lahat ng gawaing estudyante.. oh well, life has to move on..

janus said...

I will surely miss summer! hays... goodluck sa new school year!

blognijet said...

dat's odd..

gs2 q nang mgtrabho at tpucn n 2ng impyernong buhay kolehyo na to.. hehehe..

baliktad pla tau.. aq sawa n s pagpipila registrar/business office/cashier/hindi ko n nga alm mga pngalan nila lintek.. although nice p rin nman ung jollibee lalo n pg first day of the month.. hahahayyy

ang mganda pg work, ala'ng mngbloblockmail sau.. pgdatin s pera, that is.. ^__^

uhm.. enjoy work n lng.. hahaayyy